Kraft Heinz in Russia

The comany stopped new investments and exports/imports from Russia. But it has 3 manufacturing sites in russia so it is hard to estimate what is the impact regarding product portfolio and taxes payed in russia. Rumours of selling some production facilities were not confirmed. It has around 1000 employess in russia. We are presenting this company in light of russian war against people of Ukraine. The campaign is called #CompaniesInrussia.

Links to company info regarding staying in Russia:

Main information: Kraft Heinz described by Leave – russia project

Kraft Heinz is reportedly selling one of its facilities but it was not confirmed:

Donations for Ukraine:

Kraft Heinz Statement Related to Our Business in Russia:

While we continue to closely assess the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Kraft Heinz has suspended all new investments in Russia, and has also suspended all exports of Kraft Heinz products to Russia as well as imports of products from Russia. Additionally, we have donated $1 million USD to the Red Cross to address the humanitarian crisis, and we’ve implemented a $2 to $1 company match for employees who wish to personally donate to the Red Cross. We have also made several in-kind donations, including our Pudliszki brand in Poland donating food products to the local Red Cross, helping feed refugees arriving from Ukraine.


Carreers at Kraft Heinz in Russia:

Our modern office is based in Moscow, the capital and most heavily populated city in Russia, as well as being the largest city on European continent. It is an iconic and global city and is the key political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of not only Russia but of Eastern Europe as well.