Nestlé in Russia

The company is suspending some brands and halted non-essential imports and exports in/out russia. It stopped advertising, suspended capital investments. Doesn’t expect profit in the country or pay any related taxes. Any profit will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations. But – continues producing and paying taxes in Russia. Has there around 7 000 employees in 7 plants. We are presenting fact sheet as part of our #CompaniesInrussia campaign.

Nestlé factsheet – focused on company presence in russia. It limited presence there but still producing – has grade D in relation to russia war in ukraine.

Links to company info regarding staying in Russia:

“The Nestlé food company will not make a profit in Russia and, accordingly, will not pay any taxes in this country in the future, the company said in a statement. If any profit is generated, it will be donated to humanitarian aid organizations, the Swiss company says.:

  • In response to the terrible war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Nestle is taking measures, the company says. Nestle stops the development and presence of most brands in the Russian Federation, with the exception of basic food products: children’s and special medical food. 
  • The company said it has already stopped importing and exporting all but basic goods to and from Russia. Most Nestle brands will be completely discontinued. Now the company is in the process of implementing this business solution in the country. 
  • “In its decisions and actions, Nestle has gone much further than any major food and beverage manufacturer… Nestle does not sponsor war,” the statement said.
  • Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company has donated more than 2,600 tons of products to support Ukrainians both inside the country and in neighboring states where Ukrainian refugees are located. 
  • “We are doing everything in our power to support our people in the most difficult times of history and will continue to do so until we win,” the company said.”

Donations for Ukraine:

“To date, Nestlé has committed more than CHF 55 million, including CHF 15 million in contributions to the people of Ukraine, and a recent CHF 40 million investment for a new production facility in the Volyn region in the western part of Ukraine.”


Under review is question if new Nestle Purina plant in Berdsk, Novosibirsk construction was halted completely. We are asking company representatives.