Rallies with Ukraine against russian aggression

Ukraine worldwide event calendar – stop russian aggression – actions, rallies, international action weekends and others

Our main aim is to share below next global events regarding russian energy payment reductions, arms deliveries for Ukraine defence and survival, embargos and other agressor-hitting sanctions to help Ukraine defend free world. We are in this together, new site will help global efforts. Stop putin and his russian war.

Next events, rallies, EU summits for upcoming weeks, together with Ukraine

Arm Ukraine now campaign #ArmUkraineNow – ahead of next summits – G7 and NATO second half of June. Our calls are to stop genocide and global hunger, famine organised by russian putin regime

Main link to section which is covering following topic: Ukraine needs heavy weapons #ArmUkraineNow – section link as part of this website, including calendar of actions rallies, giant letter to leaders…

  • Crtiical topic for all free world – USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia and all others – heavy arms deliveries to help Ukraine survive, protect children, women and men against brutal attacks by russian regime.
  • You can also find there calendar of all past and upcoming #ArmUkraineNow events
  • There is also new Giant letter for G7 and NATO countries representatives
  • Aim of the letter is that they provide more advanced heavy wepons for Ukraine including enough MLRS, ammunition, main battle tanks and whatever is needed for Ukraine to win. Winning means survival for Ukraine. Preventing more cities, people to be tortured on occupied territories by terrorist forces of russian federation.

19 June 2022 Flashmob June 19th 2022 for the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict – “I Could Be in Her Place!” #stopwarrapeUKR #ICouldBeInHerPlace

23-24 June 2022European summit – European Council and many events organised towards it

Azov rally – Free Mariupol defenders 25.06.2022

  • TEXT BY ORGANISERS: “In support of the heroes of Azovstal, who are currently being held captive in occupied Ukraine, we are organizing an international peace rally for June 25. To emerge victorious and return home as soon as possible, every fighter must be properly cared for and provided with everything he or she needs.”
  • Link to the sub-page Azov Rally – Free Mariupol defenders!