Rallies with Ukraine against russian aggression

Ukraine worldwide event calendar – stop russian aggression – actions, rallies, international action weekends and others

Our main aim is to share below next global rallies and events with Ukraine. All this is against russian aggression. Topic vary from russian energy payment reductions, arms deliveries for Ukraine defence and survival – Ukraine needs heavy weapons and #ArmUkraineNow is still by far the biggest topic. Other topics are addressing russian war crimes, needed embargos and other agressor-hitting sanctions to help Ukraine defend free world. We are in this together, new site will help global efforts. Stop putin and his russian war.

Boycotting, pushing to leave western companies still staying in russia – personal sanctions app iOS, Android

We have one new activity – supporting Push to leave app team. Their app is making it easy for western customers to see if their product bar code is showing company is still in russia or not. So we will write briefly about this effort – before next chapter where we describe our efforts in public rallies.

Push to leave app:

Next events, rallies, summits for upcoming weeks, together with Ukraine:

August 24 Independence day – Ukraine independence day rallies #IndependenceInMyHeart #Terrorussia

July 23 rallies campaign Silenced widow #ArmUkraineNow

July 13 – 29 #terroRussia #russiaIsATerrorist State rallies campaign

Past campaigns, rallies, events with Ukraine you can find in archive calendar Action with Ukraine #ArmUkraineNow page. There were many rallies already happening, including those by Women for Ukraine, #stopwarrapeUKR, Azovstal rallies, Telethons, EUkraine now for Ukraine EU candidate status and many others.

We are part of global Synergy chat where you can join us to discuss upcoming events, rallies, actions.

There are also social network. Mostly, we try to share our events for public, media, politic spehere via our Twitter account. Facebook page serves as a backup infomration for this page and sharing Facebook events like #ArmUkraineNow July example helping people to easier find global rallies, campaigns for arming Ukraine, because as we are repeating, Ukraine needs heavy wepaons to prevent further genocide from russia and end the war.

We do also run Instagram account for sharing visual content and TikTok account. You can help to share the word by engaging in any of our social networks. Or you can link from your webpage to this to help people find relevant information for helping, acting with Ukraine against russian aggession. Thank you!!!