Ukraine needs weapons #ArmUkraineNow

We need to continue support Ukraine with heavy weapons deliveries. #ArmUkraineNow is the hashtag for global rallies, events, pickets. In order to improve collaboration of free world actions, we are presenting you action calendar supporting Arm Ukraine Now campaign.

Russian aggresion is taking months, destroying everything: people, dreams, future. That unprovoked invasion must be stopped. But how? We already know how it cannot be stopped. All the long talks and almost begging russian dictator putin, we have one strong learning. The outcome is: only sufficient force can save children, women and men from brutal attack of russian armies. So that is why we say: Ukraine needs weapons #ArmUkraineNow.

Campaign Arm Ukraine Now – second phase around G7 and NATO summits.

We have started second phase of our campaign with global Facebook event. We are focusing to collect pictures, videos from rallies worldwide. These materials created resulting video, which will be shared with G7 and NATO leaders. Sharing will take place by our Twitter and by e-mail.

List, calendar of past and upcoming #ArmUkraineNow events

CountryplacedatElink to event
Germany Augsburg 10.06.2022
Czech rep. Prague11.06.2022
CaliforniaSan Diego11.06.2022
Czech rep.Prague12.06.2022
Germany Munich 12.06.2022
France Paris 15.06.2022 facebook profile information
Pennsylvania Philadelphia19.06.2022
CaliforniaSan Diego19.06.2022
Czech rep.Prague19.06.2022
List of worldwide events #ArmUkraineNow

NATO stop Russia´s genocide in Ukraine #ArmUkraine in Madrid – final #ArmUkraineNow event

Happening during NATO summit in Madrid. Event link NATO stop russia´s genocide in Ukraine.

Madrid NATO rally #ArmUkraine #ArmUkraineNow – stop russia´s genocide in Ukraine – 29.06.2022

Giant letter for G7 and NATO leaders

As part of our rallies, we have published large poster – “Giant letter” for G7 and NATO leaders. Below the letter, you can find pictures from Prague event with that:

G7 summit – June 26

NATO Summit Madrid – June 27 to 30


Dear Heads of G7 and NATO countries,

we are writing you giant letter, because there is a strongest possible need – save Ukraine, save world from hunger.

Please, arm Ukraine now:

  • Heavy long range weapons – will save Ukrainian people from torture, genocide
  • Protection of Black sea routes by advanced NATO air forces will save hundreds of thousands people from famine

Please, #ArmUkraineNow!


Ukraine needs heavy weapons. It is important for defence from russian attack and even genocide. Proof of it is, that delivery of weapons helped save north of Ukraine from even larger crimes against humanity. Most vulnerable victims of war are children. They are being supported by global rallies like #SaveUkrainianChildren

Delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine is the most important aspect helping to protect people against barbarian attacks. There are documented crimes of mass scale as is shown by group Women for Ukraine and their campaign #stopwarrapeUKR or #ICouldBeInHerPlace. There is a danger that speed of supplies still will not be sufficient and in mid-term can be even fading if the importance is not felt enough. HUNGER is the second really big threat for complete world – due to blockages of ports in Ukraine.

Practically objectives are:

  1. To bring awareness – deliver strong messages why is the delivery of arms so important
  2. Bring some practical deliveries (crowdfunding) boost


Actions starting from weekend 11th / 12th and this phase is culminating just before June 15th Rammstein event. Your event can be before that or after that date – any event will be critically needed and this will be longer campaign, only first part just started.

List of events, graphics Underdog Ukraine
Stop genocide #ArmUkraineNow by Underdog Ukraine


Global actions everywhere the participants want:

  1. Rallies
  2. Marches
  3. Street performance, happening, flashmobs
  4. Part of existing concerts – just a campaign tent supporting our idea next to entrance to some festival etc.
  5. Birthday party crowdfundings (for Night vision, Bayraktar… etc)
  6. Auctions of paintings or other artifacts – for funding defense of Ukraine


There shall be diversity of actions as stated above.

But connecting centrally should be the graphical part


Main hashtag: 





REGISTRATION FORM FOR ACTIONS (will be now updated for new wording name Arm Ukraine now but you can register already)

Final graphic #ArmUkraineNow

Save ukrainian children #ArmUkraineNow by Underdog Ukraine
Stop putin and his hunger games #ArmUkraineNow Author: Underdog Ukraine

Preliminary graphic #ArmUkraineNow

Save children #ArmUkraineNow – preliminary graphics
Stop putin and his hunger games #ArmUkraineNow – preliminary graphics
STOP GENOCIDE #ArmUkraineNow – preliminary graphics
Philadelphia #ArmUkraineNow
Augsburg #ArmUkraineNow
San Diego #ArmUkraineNow