Johnson & Johnson in russia

The company suspended all advertising, enrollment in clinical trials, and any additional investment in Russia and reported that suspended the supply of its personal-care products in Russia. Donated in different ways supporting Ukraine.  However: is linking to J&J products for example at Wildberries – largest russian online store. J&J has more than 1500 employess in Russia. This is still valid in end 2022 during brutal russian war against people in Ukraine. Please find below data regarding this company – as part of our #CompaniesInrussia campaign.

Company is rated D according to Yale scale.

Johnson & Johnson is still working in russia despite limitations announced

Links to company info regarding staying in Russia:

Johnson & Johnson suspended the supply of its personal-care products in Russia due to the “increasing scale of the humanitarian crisis” caused by the war in Ukraine. 

The maker of products including Aveeno skin lotion and Listerine mouthwash, J&J said in a statement that it would continue to supply its wide range of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for the Russian market. ” Source:

Donations for Ukraine:

  • Donating $5 million to support the work of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and Red Crescent to provide humanitarian support for refugees in the border countries.
  • Providing product donations including hygiene kits, health packets and medical supplies.
  • Launching an unlimited matching program for our global employees with Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.
  • Continuing to work with our longstanding partners in global health – International Health Partners (IHP, UK), Americares (US), Direct Relief (US), IFRC, Save the Children and UNICEF – to support those in the region by providing them access to our supply chain network to strengthen their reach and capabilities.
  • In early March, we suspended all advertising, enrollment in clinical trials, and any additional investment in Russia.



Johnson & Johnson is operating website which is linking to various e-shops in russia. Some of them are empty but for example the largest russian e-commerce retailer Wildberries – selling Listerine , Neutrogena, Acuvue and others.

It is true that some of these brands are borderline personal care / medical care. For sure some Neutrogena skin care products and others are not directly medical and replacable. All of this make a claims regarding “suspended the supply of its personal-care products” very questionable.