The Silenced Widow

Rally #ArmUkraineNow – July 23rd 2022

  • “Women For Ukraine – Жінки для України” unique protest style will be paired with the “Arm Ukraine Now” movement to remind our world leaders that it’s not too late to stop this war! #ArmUkraineNow #nowarwidowsUKR
  • We invite you to partake in our protest, “The Silenced Widows” happening globally from NY to Korea on July 23, 2022.
  • Women “outfit” participants will stand as the widows. -Men “outfit” participants will represent the fallen Ukrainian soldiers.-All other supporters/protestors are welcomed and encouraged to join by wearing Ukrainian colors, holding signs, and waving flags.
  • We also encourage you to message us if you are interested in participating or becoming a protest leader & organizer in your city!
  • Most Importantly! We are raising money for the medical & psychological treatment of survivors of rape in Ukraine. Please consider making a donation via the Nova Ukraine link:

Welcome to “The Silenced Widows” protest guide. Here you will find detailed instructions for everything from outfits to location:

Silenced widows rally Arm Ukraine now description – english version
Silenced widows rally Arm Ukraine now description – ukrainian version
Silenced widows rally #ArmUkraineNow featured image of rallies

Please join us in July for another #ArmUkraineNow campaign rallies! Women for Ukraine are doing visually beautiful and strong protests. In May and June, they have organised strong #stopwarrapeUKR campaign (you can check photos) and also then organised campaign rallies and online campaign #ICouldBeInHerPlace which showed worldwide support for Ukraine, women and men and condemnation of russian war crimes.

For the upcoming Silenced widow campaign, there is also video released: