METRO AG and MAKRO in Russia

Global company METRO AG based in Dusseldorf, Germany is known for their membership only stores called METRO in some countries and MAKRO in different. This company is present in Russia, saying it has around 10 000 employees there. This is still valid in end 2022 during brutal russian war against people in Ukraine. Please find below data regarding this company – as part of our #CompaniesInrussia campaign.

Company is rated D according to Yale scale: stopped investments in Russia and reduced advertisment.

Fact sheet describing brands METRO MAKRO and staying in Russia – stopped investments, reduced advertisement but still paying taxes there

Links to company info regarding staying in Russia:

“The focus of the entire management board and the organization is very much in supporting our Ukrainian colleagues, our Ukrainian operation, METRO Ukraine. So we did plenty of activities not only here from the Headquarter, but also from the neighboring and non-neighboring countries. So the engagement of the entire organization to support Ukraine is very, very high, and number – priority number on.”

“Talking war, we also have to talk about Russia. I mean, we made our position clear that we for various reasons continue our operation. In Russia, you can believe that this is not an easy decision, also not personally an easy decision. It’s obviously a dilemma. But we still feel very responsible for our 10,000 employees there, we are selling food there. It’s not a high technology. It’s a business of basic supply. And what do you have to know our operations there are very local. It’s very independent. It’s 90% local sourcing. It’s more than 90 – to be precise 93% in food. So this is basic supply. And we feel this responsibility for our people and their family, and no need to say that we are compliant with sanctions and with all applicable sanctions.”

Donations for Ukraine:

Company donated especially to UN Food programme for Ukraine.


METRO Ukraine was calling on the central HQ in Germany for reducing presence in Russia. This was not answered positively, there were even (please see epravda and Wikipedia) reports of threaths to Ukrainian subsidiary to be cut from central distribution in case not stopping of pressure towards the company center.

More information regarding calls by Ukrainian employees towards central authorities: