Mondeléz in Russia

Company discontinued new investments in the country, donated in different ways supporting its employees and others in Ukraine and “scaled back all non-essential activities” in Russia. It was not made public what it means. Continues selling its products and paying taxes in Russia. Has there more than 2500 employess (especially production facilities) and is one of Top 50 Largest Foreign Companies in Russia.

Links to company info regarding staying in Russia:

Far the most comprehensive story regarding Mondelez staying in Russia you can find thanks to project Stop business with Russia

Donations for Ukraine:

“Additionally, we are stepping up our humanitarian efforts with a multi-million-dollar commitment, including cash donations to Save The Children and other aid organizations, extension of our employee double-match program with International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), and in-kind donations to various humanitarian organizations in the region.”



“We sell chocolate and biscuits. In some countries, the biscuits are considered as part of a normal diet,” Van de Put explained. “[In] many countries, biscuits are a breakfast item. And so, we do feel that we supply products to the normal consumer in Russia.”

Source – Mondelez CEO interview: